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Our Team Specializes in Sports Biomechanics

With a specialty in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation, our team of South Bay sports physical therapists has experience helping patients heal from various ailments. Whether you have sustained a sports injury, have undergone a joint replacement, or are recovering after suffering a stroke, our team is here to help.

Do not wait to get the help you need. Call Marina Sports Medicine, and let our team of South Bay sports therapists in Carson help you through a speedy recovery!

What is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports physical therapy, commonly referred to as sports medicine, encompasses the rehabilitation of injured athletes. In addition, the goal of sports medicine is to prevent injuries or further injury. During sports therapy treatment, our South Bay sports therapist will diagnose the athlete’s ailments and determine the best treatment plan so the athlete can return to his or her sports in a timely manner. Throughout the treatment plan, the South Bay sports therapist in Carson will continue to reevaluate the athlete’s condition and ensure treatment is adjusted when necessary. The goal of sports physical therapy is to ensure the athlete is strong and ready to return to normal activities.

Why Should I See a Sports Medicine Doctor in South Bay?

Unlike other doctors, sports medicine specialists have a unique understanding of the physical demands and movements required for the sport. As a result, a sports therapist will help an athlete move through a treatment plan with the goal of the athlete returning to the same motions required for their respective sport. During the process, the sports physical therapist will also train the athlete how to use the correct body mechanics during sport to prevent future injuries.

Call our South Bay Sports Medicine Doctors

At Marina Sports Medicine in Carson, our South Bay sports medicine doctors are passionate about helping our athletes return to the field or court as soon as possible; however, we also understand the importance of rest and recovery. When you visit our office, we will take the time to understand your condition and diagnose your injury. From there, we will form a treatment plan based on your goals.

Get the help you need today! Let our team of physical therapists aid in your journey toward a healthier life. We are here for you.

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