Why You Should Wait to Get a Massage After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Why Chiropractic Care Comes Before Massage Therapy in South Bay

Maximizing South Bay Chiropractic Care

Getting the most out of chiropractic care means receiving massage therapy after treatment rather than before. Since they complement each other, your body can experience significant benefits from undergoing both, but the order does matter.

Marina Sports Medicine has five reasons why this is, and you are going to learn about them so you know how to maximize their benefits!

Joint Adjustment

One of the primary reasons South Bay chiropractic care is so effective is because it restores joint mobility. Practitioners’ expertise in spinal manipulation allows them to identify and treat the joints causing you pain.

And receiving a massage after relieves pain faster.

Without following your chiropractic care appointment with a massage, you may need two to three sessions a week before feeling comfortable.

Realign Muscles

The human body is interconnected, including your muscles and joints. 

This means any joints that require adjusting have muscles around them that need treatment, too, meaning they need to get comfortable in their new, correct position.

A chiropractor will put them there, but a massage therapist will ensure they stay, in addition to extending the benefits of chiropractic care.

Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion

Seeing a South Bay chiropractor generally means your body is not moving how you know it can. Your flexibility has diminished, and you are experiencing a limited range of motion.

Thankfully, you have chiropractic care and massage therapy to turn to.

The chiropractor will loosen your joints and muscles, and the massage therapist will apply the finishing touches so you leave revitalized!

Eliminate Inflammation

Another benefit of having an aligned spine and joints after a chiropractic session is reducing your body’s inflammation. This happens because your body stops producing neuropeptides.

But neuropeptides are not the only thing that cause inflammation.

You also have cytokines (also inflammatory), but luckily, treatment from a South Bay massage therapist halts their production.

By receiving both treatments, you eliminate inflammation!

Improve Nervous System

The nervous system, how various body parts communicate with each other, utilizes the spine to transmit messages. So, when the spine is not well, the nervous system cannot operate correctly.

Thank goodness for spinal manipulation!

When South Bay chiropractors make joint adjustments in your spine, your nervous system will resume its normal functions, and the massage that follows spreads nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles.

Essentially, receiving these treatments back-to-back returns your body to normalcy.

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