When is Physical Therapy Necessary?

When You Need Physical Therapy in South Bay

Signs You Need Physical Therapy

True or false: you need to sustain a serious injury in order to seek treatment from a physical therapist.


Believing physical therapists only treat patients who are suffering from serious injuries is a myth. In reality, physical therapy is quite effective absolving patients of chronic pain and hobbled by wear and tear.

Your body attempts to tell you it needs physical therapy in different ways, but it falls on you to contact the best physical therapists in South Bay!

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain prevents you from doing the things you love, such as playing sports or even simple physical activities like walking your dog, but this does not have to be your reality forever.

Physical therapists know how to cure chronic pain and can teach you exercises that will empower you to manage it on your own.

Dull Pain

Treating any dull, throbbing pain typically includes putting some ice on it and resting, but if you find that does not work, treatment from a physical therapist in South Bay is necessary. Persistent dull pain often indicates a stress fracture or muscle strain, which both require more treatment than an ice pack and rest.

Opting for physical therapy will allow a practitioner to analyze your mobility and develop a plan to restore it, while simultaneously working to reduce your pain.

Pain Medication Fails

Whether it is over-the-counter or prescribed pain medication, you cannot count on it to work every time.

A mistake patients make is thinking medicine will definitely treat the pain they continue to suffer from, but this is not a safe assumption. In fact, believing this can backfire and make you susceptible to another injury.

If this applies to you, see a physical therapist in South Bay soon before you find yourself dealing with multiple injuries.

Changes in Performance and Appearance

Noticing your physical capabilities and/or appearance beginning to waver is a sign something more serious may be going on. Sure, we all have off days, but when it is happening consistently it can be a cause for concern, especially when you notice both happening.

Seeing one of our South Bay physical therapists will get you back on track!

After Surgery

The best way to recover from surgery is to start physical therapy as soon as you can. Even though you just underwent an operation that restores strength, it takes extra work to return to old form. Plus, post-op physical therapy enhances what the surgeon did and lessens the likelihood of these secondary issues arising:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Blood clots
  • Infections
  • Malnutrition

Get your old self back quicker by committing to physical therapy!

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