What is Sports Medicine?

Most have heard of the term physical therapy and sports physical therapy, but the term “sports medicine” is less familiar to many. Much like physical therapy, sports medicine focuses on rehabilitating persons but more specifically works with athletes or active persons. A large part of sports medicine includes the prevention of injuries or further injury so athletes can remain at the top of their game all season long.

Sports Medicine Doctors Diagnose Injuries and Ailments

At Marina Sports Medicine, we work closely with athletes of all sports—including football players, volleyball players, soccer players, tennis players, runners, and more! Our unique experiences allow us to help patients recover so they can return to optimal movement. In most cases, the first step to helping an athlete is to diagnose injuries or ailments that cause the athlete to experience pain or limited mobility.

At Marina Sports Medicine, our state-of-the-art sports medicine office in Carson is equipped with X-ray machines and other diagnostic equipment, including an MRI-like machine, which allow us to pinpoint the exact place of injury so we can begin the proper treatment plan right away.

A Sports Medicine Doctor Will Create a Treatment Plan Tailored for Your Needs

Once an injury has been diagnosed, our sports medicine doctors can create a treatment plan to alleviate pain, restore optimal movement, and prevent further injury. Throughout an athlete’s treatment plan, our Carson sports medicine doctors will reassess the athlete’s injury and conditions to determine if an adjustment in the treatment plan is necessary.

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If you are an athlete who is suffering from pain, discomfort, or an injury, get in touch with our Carson sports medicine doctors today! We are highly skilled in treating athletes and active persons. When you visit out office, we will work diligently to diagnose your ailment so we can begin a treatment plan for you right away.

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