Is Pre-Game Taping Safe and How is it Useful?

Carson Sports Therapist Taping Pre-Game

Is Pre-Game Taping Safe and Does it Assist in Injury Prevention?

Spectators may wonder why athletes dedicate time to getting taped up before a game, as its advantages are not outwardly evident; however, there are numerous benefits, including avoiding an injury before it occurs. Another concern is whether it is safe or not. This blog showcases how it is a prudent treatment method and how instrumental it is to staying healthy while playing sports, and by the end of it, you will know Marina Sports Medicine is your go-to practice for injury prevention in Carson!

Safety Concerns Involved with Taping

Some are hesitant to let medical professionals tape them because they are fearful doing so may lead to further problems. Our injury prevention team received training on how to tape patients correctly and proactively address any issues before they become serious. They do this by doing their due diligence in finding out if a patient experienced any reactions, allergic or not, to tape in the past. If so, the Marina Sports Medicine team will apply a tape with a different material. Other precautions are:

  • Spraying pre-tape spray on the patient’s skin in order to prep it and enhance the tape’s adhesion.
  • Confirming a patient has not recently applied lotion, as that may lead to the tape peeling off prematurely.
  • Watching a patient walk around to determine whether or not the tape is on too tight.
  • Explaining to a patient how the tape must come off by a certain time to avoid irritation or itchiness.

Our trained practitioners pay attention to every detail so you receive the best treatment possible!

Two Ways Athletic Tape Combats Injuries

When athletes wear tape while playing their sport, it is protecting a particular area on the body to either evade an injury or prevent reinjuring a certain area in two different ways. 

      1. Mechanical Support

Let us use the ankle as an example. Taping it provides the joint with mechanical support, which is short for stabilizing the ankle joint to prohibit it from moving too far in an unnatural direction. When that happens, so do injuries.

      1. Proprioception

An additional method tape utilizes to keep the ankle intact is by enhancing proprioception: the sense of where the ankle is at any moment. Proprioception enables the ankle to feel if and when the surface on the field or court changes. When proprioception is strong, the ankle and its surrounding area have enough time to adjust and continue functioning unscathed.

Additional Benefits of Taping Athletes Before Gametime 

To complement preventing injuries, taping is an advantageous practice towards:

  • Reducing swelling
  • Protecting against cramps
  • Lessening pain and fatigue
  • Rehabilitation
  • Alignment
  • Blood circulation

Getting taped up by a member of the best injury prevention team in Carson, CA before a game is one of the best practices you can employ to care for your body and achieve peak performance!

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