Can Regular PT Improve Sports Performance?

Carson Physical Therapy Helps Sports Performance

Can Physical Therapy in Carson Increase My Athleticism?

Any advantage athletes can get in order to enhance their performance is vital towards beating the competition. Consistently working towards honing their craft by practicing is of course a sufficient way to go about this, but if everyone else is doing that, it becomes more difficult to widen the gap. In a previous blog we documented how chiropractic care is beneficial for athletes, and now Marina Sports Medicine is going to educate you on how regularly attending physical therapy in Carson will improve your performance playing sports!

How Does it Work?

Our physical therapists in Carson, CA are experts when it comes to the human body’s movements. They know how to assist their patients in maximizing their physical abilities because they understand how to boost mobility and increase functionality. Continue reading to learn how physical therapy can make you a better athlete!

Corrects Improper Movement Patterns

Sports-related struggles like a basketball player failing to acquire enough stamina to last four quarters or a tennis player not hitting a forehand precisely may not be because of ability but rather because of faulty movements. When a physical therapist evaluates your body’s movements after running some initial tests, he or she will identify areas to hone in on to sharpen those parts of your game.

Addresses Muscle and Joint Flexibility

Your muscles and joints play integral roles in how effective you are playing sports. While each sport requires a different level, getting the most out of their flexibility will lead to an optimal performance. Another benefit of obtaining supreme muscle and joint flexibility is you are less likely to experience injuries, directly elongating your athletic career.

Personalized Programs

While every sport requires your body to function at a high level, each sport has its nuances. Depending on what you play, maybe you need your legs to be the strongest parts of your body, or maybe your core. Whatever it is, a physical therapist is capable of tailoring your regiment in order for you to obtain the desired results.

Increases Strength

Not all sports demand a vast amount of muscle, but possessing strength is advantageous to whichever sport you play! Consistently seeing one of our physical therapists will strengthen your:

  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments

When these three body parts operate to the best of their abilities, your performance will peak!

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