Can I Completely Heal From A Serious Sports Injury?

South Bay Physical Therapy Heals Serious Injuries

Will Physical Therapy Help You Make a Full Recovery From a Major Sports Injury?

Absolutely. In fact, physical therapy is essential in order for you to make a full recovery after suffering a significant sports injury. Sure, you can leave an injury alone, and over time your body will put itself back together; however, you will never return to full strength. That is why Marina Sports Medicine encourages you to seek physical therapy in South Bay so you can ensure your past injury remains in the rearview mirror.

Why Physical Therapy is Vital to the Healing Process

Time heals everything, but it does not completely heal everything, which is why you need to see a South Bay physical therapist!

Minimizes Pain and Regulates Functionality

An immediate benefit of having a physical therapist in the South Bay treat you is to minimize your pain. Marina Sport Medicine’s practitioners employ the following methods to decrease your discomfort:

  • Specialized massages
  • Manual therapy
  • Taping
  • And more!

We already know physical therapy improves your sports performance when you are not nursing an injury, but these treatments also empower you to get back to optimal performance once your injury heals. Athletes who do not see physical therapists while they recover may discover their post-injury physical capabilities are inferior to what they were pre-injury.

If you forgo physical therapy during the recovery process, pain may linger for the long-term and you may have less athletic ability. All you have to do to avoid these consequences is see a Marina Sports Medicine physical therapist!

Strengthens Surrounding Area

Of course, a significant injury heavily impacts the immediate area where it occurred, but it also damages the injured body part’s surrounding areas. 

Let us use a broken leg as an example. You come down on it funny upon landing after grabbing a rebound in a game of pickup basketball. At the hospital, the doctor puts you in a cast that runs from the bottom of your toes to past your knee in order to stabilize the bones. This works and is necessary, but consider how many other parts of your leg are now immobile. Throughout the recovery process, these stagnant parts will weaken. 

Being treated by a South Bay physical therapist is how you can restore them to full strength!

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Fully recovering from a serious sports injury is possible, but not without the help of our physical therapists! Contact Marina Sports Medicine so you can return to your old self sooner rather than later!