3 Things You Didn’t Know About Post-Op Physical Therapy

Carson Physical Therapists Help Post-Op Recovery

How Physical Therapy in Carson Can Help During Post-Op Recovery

Surgery is not the end of the road when it comes to curing an injury. In fact, how successful it is depends on the steps you take after the operation occurs. As grueling as it might sound at the time, medical professionals highly recommend engaging in physical therapy as soon as possible post surgery in order to make a full recovery. To provide some extra motivation, Marina Sports Medicine identified why physical therapy in Carson is essential during the post-op recovery process!

Lessens Chances of Secondary Issues

If an ailment requires surgery, it is already a serious matter; therefore, you should do everything in your power to avoid compounding the injury, starting with physical therapy. Failing to do so will allow secondary issues to develop:

  • Blood clots
  • Infections
  • Malnutrition
  • Pressure ulcers

Our physical therapists’ training qualifies them to tailor specific exercises to your condition so you will maximize the benefits from your surgery and steer clear of any additional health problems.

Reduces Pain and Swelling

Pain and swelling after surgery is inevitable because they are both part of the healing process. Swelling occurs when chemicals stimulating nerve endings release, which creates inflammation and constricts the nerves, hence the pain. Physical therapists know how to treat swelling and pain without causing any further damage to the recently surgically repaired area. Not only will you feel these benefits in the immediate future, but receiving treatment will erase the possibility of suffering from chronic pain further down the road.

Strengthens Core

Your core’s importance is all in the name, as it is the “core” of your body. It is a vital foundation that stabilizes other body parts in order to prevent injuries. While it might not always avoid serious injuries from occurring, strengthening it post surgery is essential to recover more comfortably. Physical therapists employ exercises appropriate for where a patient is at in the recovery process, so there is no need to worry about overexerting yourself. Ensure your body’s foundation is as robust as possible by seeing the best physical therapists in Carson, CA!

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